Alcohol Breath Testing

At our line of breath alcohol testers illustrates great value with proven performance and excellent accuracy.  We offer the consumer a line of testers offers a wide range of models at affordable prices. We’re never going to share your personal information, so we hope that helps you let go of some anxiety about shopping with us! If you want to know more about what we’re about, please go here to see our buyer’s guide. If you have questions please contact us.

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AlcoHAWK Avanti Breathalyzer New -20%
The AlcoHAWK Avanti is a digital breath alcohol screener that quickly checks for the presence of alc..
$199.99 $159.99
Based on 1 reviews.
AlcoHAWK Slim Breathalyzer New
The AlcoHAWK® Slim breathalyzer is one of the most affordable and accurate semiconductor breath..
AlcoHAWK Ultra Slim Breathalyzer New
The AlcoHAWK® Ultra Slim, introduced in 2010 by Q3 Innovations to the AlcoHAWK® Series lin..
The BacTrack Mobile breathalyzer is the world's first smartphone breathalyzer. Designed with law enf..
When it comes to easy to use professional testing nothing beats the BacTrack Element breathlayzer. I..
AlcoHawk PT500 Pro Breathalyzer Kit -8%
The PT500 Professional Kit is a collection of handy aides to ensure that testing as part of the Alco..
$244.99 $224.99
BacTrack S75 Pro Breathalyzer --56%
Designed for professional and personal use, The BacTrack® S75 Pro features advanced fuel cell techno..
$89.99 $139.99
BacTrack S80 Pro Breathalyzer -0%
Advanced fuel cell technology combined with cutting edge imagery that features a 3 digit readout in ..
$129.99 $129.99
Based on 3 reviews.