About Us

Alcohol-Analyzer.com is an online e-commerce site dedicated to providing the best drug and alcohol testing products to individuals and businesses around the world. Alcohol Analyzer Shop has been a proven distributor in the alcohol breathalyzer market for the past 4 years and has recently branched off into the drug testing marketplace. We have noticed there has been an increased demand in recent years with drug testing for a variety of businesses. So with our great success in providing alcohol testing devices to workplaces, hospitals, military, law enforcement, and individuals we wanted to offer that same quality in drug testing to our customers.

Our breathalyzers range from professional fuel cell models for law enforcement to quality affordable semi-conductor units for individual use. Our drug testing units also have a wide range of capabilities and are all easy to use, from simple 5 panel workplace testing to full 14 panel clinical drug screening. We work with some of the best manufacturers and labs in the country to bring you the best drug and alcohol testing products and services. With such a wide range of products we can help cater specifically to your individual needs. Can’t find what your looking for here? That won’t stop us either, we would be glad to search elsewhere to help find you a solution! Don't hesitate to Contact Us.

Please browse around our site and see how we can help you or your business. If you can’t find what your looking for or need help with any product give us a call or send us an email, our knowledgeable staff would be glad to help!




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